I Hated Dancing!

Because I’m a dance instructor, most people assume I’ve been dancing since childhood. That is no the case. Maybe “hate” is not the exact word I used but if memory serves me, the words were more like “I don’t like dancing”. That was my excuse up until I started to learn to Salsa dance at 23. So I can relate with people that claim they “don’t like dancing” or “it’s not their thing”. I’m convinced 9 out of 10 people would kill (hyperbole) to KNOW how to dance (any partner dance not just Salsa). However, like me, most of us don’t want to embarrass ourselves in front of other people. Was it worth it?

Well… If it wasn’t for Salsa Dancing I would not have met Lori… I’m glad I DID IT!

See you on the dance floor!

Author: Luis N Lori

We teach various social dances common in Salsa nightclub scene including Salsa, Cumbia, Cha-cha, Bachata and Casino Rueda and you can find us on the dance floor at Palm Desert Country Club Assn.

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